church planting

Every church was once a church plant. Some sprang up from humble beginnings, some as a part of organized strategies. Some to accommodate growing populations, some to escape persecution, some to carve out a particular theological niche, some for cultural affinity.

As we think about church planting in Boston, we long to see a proliferation of local worshipping, nurturing and missional churches that reflect the cultural, educational and economic diversity of the city and seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ who obey, enjoy and glorify God with their whole lives.

At the heart of this vision is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the gospel that reconciles us to God, that empowers us to live for others, that heals social brokenness, that invites all those who are weary and burdened to come and find rest in Jesus.

Our desire to plant churches is rooted in our longing to see this kind of gospel renewal transform the city—person by person and neighborhood by neighborhood—for the glory of God and for the joy of the city.

Our CTK Boston Church Planting Center (CPC) is at the center of a mission to see healthy and growing congregations for every neighborhood in and around Boston by:

  • Planting churches

  • Developing leaders for church planting

  • Exploring innovative approaches to church planting among the diverse people in our city.

Learn more by exploring some of our church planting and outreach projects and reading stories about what God is doing in Boston.

For more information about church planting, contact:

Bob Sawyer, Church Planting Center Director
Omar Ortiz, Leadership Development Director


The CTK Church Planting Center accepts contributions through Mission to North America (MNA). There are no fees charged by MNA for this service. 100% of your contribution goes directly to this project.  Your contributions are tax-deductible.