A note concerning online giving...

In the coming weeks, we’re planning on moving to a new online giving platform called Church Center Online. It’s more straightforward to use, is secure, and has more features in development which promise to make the online giving experience even better. Try it out by visiting https://ctkboston.churchcenteronline.com/giving. We hope to fully make the transition by the end of February.

Select your congregation from the drop-down list, and even split your gift between funds (for example, the general offering and a deacons' fund). You can give using credit or debit cards (all major cards are accepted) or though bank transfers. You will also be able to log in to your account to manage your giving and see your donation history. Rather than creating a password, this system uses temporary authentication through email. In the future, there will be a text message authentication option. And possibly a giving-by-text option.

We’d like to begin the switch immediately. Here’s what you need to know if you currently give through The City:
- If you have a recurring donation set up through The City, please log in and cancel that donation: (a) In your navigation menu, click Giving, (b) Select the Donation Status tab, (c) Under Future Donations, find the donation you want to delete and click Delete, and (d) Confirm your selection. Then you can delete any saved payment acounts under the Accounts tab.
- Then, simply visit https://ctkboston.churchcenteronline.com/giving and re-start your giving in the new system.
- If you’re using The City only for an occasional one-time donation, you don’t need to do anything in The City. (If you want, you can log in and delete any saved payment acounts under the Accounts tab in the Giving section.

As always, if you have any questions about giving to the church, email giving@ctkboston.org. And again, thank you for your generous and sacrificial giving toward the mission of our CTK and Grace congregations!