Meet the Nominees... Candidates for Election November 4, 2017

At our upcoming Congregational Meeting on November 4, 2017, we'll elect elders and deacons. Here is a little more information about each of the nominees. 

A Northern California native, Geanna Adair moved to Boston in August of 2013 to pursue a doctoral degree at Northeastern University in Civil and Environmental Engineering. She grew up in the church, but, at the completion of her undergraduate years, began taking the tenets of Christianity seriously. She has attended CTK JP/Roxbury since September 2016 when she and her now husband, John Michael, began taking steps toward marriage. They were married in June of this year by Rev. Logan Keck. Geanna is beginning her final year of her PhD program and, after finishing, hopes to pursue a career in science communication focusing on the intersection of Christianity and science. Geanna is nominated for Deacons' Assistant. 

John Michael Adair, a Birmingham native, moved to Boston to attend the New England Conservatory. He became a member at CTK JP/Roxbury when the church was launched in 2013. After graduation, John Michael decided to stay in Boston to continue his french horn freelance career and to remain a member at CTK JP/Roxbury. He also met his wife, Geanna, around the same time.  John Michael and Geanna both share a common desire to serve the church with their marriage, to advance God’s kingdom through mercy ministries, and to see real racial reconciliation take place in this city. John Michael is nominated for Deacon. 

Rosemary Boyle lives in East Cambridge and is a member of the CTK Cambridge community group that meets in Union Square at Nathan and Leann Barczi’s home. She was baptized in 1986 and her parents raised her in the Catholic Church along with her three brothers and five sisters. Rosemary has one brother-in-law and two sisters-in-law. Her third sister-in-law, Sarah Boyle, died this September and words cannot describe this loss. Rosemary completed coursework in the Shepherd Program for the Interdisciplinary Study of Poverty and Human Capability at Washington and Lee University in 2009. She manages the melanoma clinical research program at the MGH Cancer Center Protocol Office. Rosemary is nominated for Deacons' Assistant. 

Jeff Derr has been attending CTK Cambridge since 2013, and has lived in and around Boston since 2006.  Originally from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Jeff currently works at Harvard University in the Physics Department as a Research Administrator.  Jeff and his wife, Alden, both live in Brighton and have been married since July 1, 2017.  Jeff is nominated for Deacon. 

Nate Jackson was born in Boston and grew up in Dorchester and Roslindale. Having come into his faith late in high school, Nate went on to attend Grove City College. He and his wife Bridget moved to Pittsburgh and lived there for 5 years, attending City Reformed Presbyterian Church. They returned to Boston in 2014 and have attended Christ the King in Cambridge since then. Nate and Bridget live in the Back Bay with their daughter Cora.  Nate is nominated for Deacon. 

Eric Kastelein grew up in Acton, MA attending Faith Evangelical Free Church.  After graduating from Wheaton College in Illinois in 2005, he moved backed to Massachusetts and started attending CTK Cambridge shortly after moving back.  Eric met his wife Lara at CTK and they have lived in Somerville for the past 10 years.  After a short stint in finance, Eric took a jump into carpentry and general contracting and started his own remodeling business five years ago.  After growing up in the church, Eric feels that his faith really became his own toward the end of college and has been encouraged and fed by the community and teaching at CTK and has enjoyed participating in various ministries over the past 10 years. Eric is nominated for Deacon. 

Hyunil Moon (‘Moon’) was born in South Korea and immigrated to Acton in 1994. In 2000, he moved to Providence, RI where he stayed for 7 years attending college and working. In Providence, he and his eventual wife Stephanie (from Alpharetta, GA) were members of Trinity Presbyterian Church and were actively involved in Reformed University Fellowship at Brown and RISD, where they were both exposed to Reformed Theology. After getting married in 2007, the Moons moved to Baltimore, MD for Stephanie’s grad school. While in Baltimore, the Moons developed a heart for cities and for racial reconciliation through the Gospel. And thankfully, Moon remained faithful to the Boston sports teams. In 2011, the Moons joined CTK Newton upon moving back to the Boston area. The three (soon to be four) Moons (daughter Nienna was born in 2012 and a boy is expected in December) live in Belmont. Moon is nominated for Deacon. 

Jeff Woolbert and his wife, Kelly, have called CTK their church home for over 20 years, first attending when they moved to Cambridge for Jeff to attend Harvard Business School in 1997. They now live in Newton with their five children and attend CTK Newton, of which they were one of the founding families.  A native of Ohio, Jeff grew up in the church and has been a Christian as long as he can remember.  He began attending PCA churches while in college at Princeton, a time in which he was profoundly encouraged by a deeper understanding of Reformed Theology.  Professionally, Jeff's career has been focused on finance and investing, having spent 17 years at Bain Capital and now in launching his own investment firm with his brother and a longtime business partner. Jeff is nominated for Elder.