Results from Nov. 4, 2017 Congregational Meeting

The church held a Congregational Meeting on November 4, 2017 in Cambridge. Here are the actions we took at that meeting.

1) We elected Rev. David Richter as an Associate Pastor of our church.

2) We elected these elders and deacons and deacons' assistants:

John Michael Adair – Deacon, JP/Roxbury congregation
Jeff Derr – Deacon, Cambridge congregation
Nate Jackson – Deacon, Cambridge congregation
Eric Kastelein – Deacon, Cambridge congregation
Moon Moon – Deacon, Newton congregation
Jeff Woolbert – Elder, Newton congregation
Geanna Adair – Deacon Assistant, JP/Roxbury congregation
Rosemary Boyle – Deacon Assistant, Cambridge congregation.

3) We received a letter of resignation from Rev. Daniel Rogers, and agreed to request that the Southern New England Presbytery accept the resignation and dissolve the pastoral relation between Rev. Rogers and Christ the King Presbyterian Church.

4) We voted to establish a search committee for lead pastor for Dorchester and to designate the Session as that search committee, and we gave the Session power to co-opt additional members for the search committee from among the Dorchester congregation, and others as required in an advisory capacity.