Neighborhood Chaplain in East Boston: Steve & Kendra Yang

I have served as a pastor in the PCA since 2009 but had always been intrigued and drawn to church planting. In 2013 after going through MNA’s Church Planting assessment, Kendra and I were looking for a church planting apprenticeship in order to seek out God’s call for us in an urban, multi-ethnic and highly unchurched area. We wanted to partner with people that were passionate about planting churches and reaching lost people. 

In June 2017 we arrived in Boston with our two young children (Karis & Judah) to work with Christ the King on a two-year church planting apprenticeship hoping to get back into ministry as well as to discern clarity as to which neighborhood we would want to help launch a church or ministry. The church-planting apprenticeship was done bi-vocationally (I work in the healthcare recruiting), which helped to alleviate the financial burden and to develop relationships with those in the healthcare industry in Boston. 

During our tenure it became increasingly clear that we really love Boston, we love hosting, and we especially love it when we can spark conversations about God with both seekers and skeptics. We found it increasingly energizing to provide venues where gospel conversations could take place. We also rediscovered that we really love working with young professionals.

We have had an increasing leaning towards reaching out to untapped areas. We landed on East Boston.

East Boston

East Boston provides a unique opportunity to minister to a diverse population. East Boston is gentrifying and going through transition. We have a desire to love those who have called East Boston their home for many years, while at the same time loving the new influx of people moving into the neighborhood. We believe that ministering to a city going through transition will not be without its unique challenges, but it also provides us with the opportunity to be present both before and during the transition. It is our desire to help shape the culture and values of the city while presenting the gospel to everyone in both word and deed.

  • Hablo Espanol. Over half of East Boston’s 47,000 residents are of Latin American descent — a great opportunity to utilize my Spanish training!

  • Highly Unchurched. There remains a heavy Roman Catholic influence but the area of East Boston remains among the most spiritually needy.

  • Young Professionals. There is an increasing influx of young professionals gentrifying East Boston, deeply longing for community and a sense of belonging, while at the same time hungry for mentoring and guidance.

  • Suffolk Downs. Suffolk Downs racetrack is a part of East Boston which is about to become an area primed for redevelopment into a “highly-resilient, transit-oriented, mixed-use development with commercial office, retail, housing, and open space.” As Suffolk Downs develops, it is our hope to position ourselves for gospel influence.

Neighborhood Chaplain


As a neighborhood chaplain it is my hope that I can begin to lay the groundwork by prayer, evangelism and discipleship. In a city where finding worship space is expensive and difficult to find, I will primarily focus on being an intentional Christian presence in the East Boston neighborhood. I will live in the neighborhood intentionally in order to develop meaningful relationships, find ways to meet local needs, engage the community in Bible Study and prayer, and seek out spiritual conversations. I hope that my efforts will help labor the soil for a possible church plant or other kingdom-minded communities. As people come to faith it is my hope that a new worshipping community or a nucleus for a church plant will emerge. 

Partner with us

I enjoy working as a bi-vocational pastor and have found that my employment outside of the church has not only helps to alleviate the financial burden of living in Boston, but also provides venues to interact with non-Christians with more regularity. But we still need ongoing financial and prayer support for this important ministry. Please consider a gift today.