Church Planting Apprenticeship: Steve & Kendra Yang

After serving as an Intern at Pacific Crossroads Church in Los Angeles, I made my own journey to the Boston area. I spent two years at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary getting my MDiv. before I would marry my wife and move down to Atlanta to serve at Intown Community Church.  I originally started doing youth ministry before serving as an assistant pastor of young professionals.  I was ordained in October 2009 with the Presbyterian Church in America and would continue to serve at Intown as an assistant pastor until 2012.

In the ensuing months we considered becoming church-planters and went through Mission to North America’s Church Planting Assessment in February 2013.  While we received encouraging affirmation of our potential to become church-planters in the future, we were encouraged to first find a church-planting apprenticeship.

For the past 3+ years I have been working in the health-staffing industry.  We have been praying and searching for the right learning opportunity and apprenticeship.  We were convinced we wanted to be in an urban and highly unchurched area where I could continue to teach God’s Word and work with a group of people who were committed to evangelism and church-planting. In 2015 Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Boston called me as a church planting apprentice. Boston is a place where I can use my gifts while being equipped to become an effective church-planter in an urban and multi-ethnic city.  The opportunity to return to the Boston is exciting for both Kendra and me and something that is too good to pass up.

We were immediately reminded that Boston is a highly unchurched area and we knew that we wanted to help reach lost and unchurched people. The population of evangelical Christians is significantly lower than other parts of the U.S. with only a small fraction of Bostonians calling themselves born again Christians.  Boston is considered one of the most churchless cities in the entire U.S., with the city becoming increasingly skeptical and even antagonistic towards biblical sensibilities.

We sense a deep need for more evangelical churches in Boston.  We believe it ought to be a strategic city for planting churches.  The city of Boston has a reputation by many as an “Athens of America.”  It has many similarities as the Athens Paul visited in his missionary conquest (Acts 17).  The city attracts some of the top and influential leaders in technology, medicine, and business. It attracts hundreds of thousands of students in some of the top schools in the country:  MIT, Harvard, Tufts, Boston University, Boston College, and many more.  And the city boasts a very diverse people-group. Over 27% of Bostonians are foreign born and minority populations now make up 53% of the population.  The world has come to Boston.

We believe God has called us to this great city. Will you be a part of the team to send us?

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