Pursuing Love—My Story of God's Love For Me Through His People

My name is Shadrach Jean and I have been a part of Christ the King for almost two years. Currently, I work part time and am studying Political Science at UMass Boston. The ministry of CTK has played an important role in my journey. Let me briefly tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born in Haiti and brought to the U.S. by my dad when I was 12, leaving behind a single mother with three other children. I had a hard time adjusting to America and not knowing English didn’t help either. Soccer was my way to connect and make friends. After a successful high school career and excelling in soccer in suburban Boston, I headed to college because I heard that was the thing to do.

Unfortunately, I followed my college roommate into a world of partying and it flipped my life upside down and I dropped out. This was unacceptable to my dad but nonetheless he accepted me back home. After returning home, the habits that I had borrowed from my roommate became an addiction for me. A strong spiritual attack brought me back home to Haiti to consult voodoo, for my dad thought I would have died if he did not make that decision. Well, voodoo did not help.

Thankfully, in the darkest moment of my life Jesus showed up. And he is continuing to show up for me. Jesus showed up and saved me from voodoo. However, He was not done with me because I needed to be rescued from three years of homelessness. From 2010 to 2013 living was at its darkest, but looking back Jesus was at His brightest. 

Christ the King Dorchester is a light post at almost every block in Dorchester, and we need the love of Jesus to continue to shine. Within 6 months after homelessness my roommate invited me to visit CTK. I visited a few times then stopped going. The pastors of CTK, however, showed commitment to what the Lord was calling them to do and reached out via Facebook checking up on me making sure everything was alright. Soon after, the community came along side of me and helped me walk a godly life. Jesus saved me by bringing me from darkness to light, and Christ the King Dorchester is equipping me to walk and live within his light though their great teaching and sound mentorship.  

The road continues to be hard on every level. I am the first in my family to attend college and with two years left to go, it is very challenging. I would appreciate the continued prayers of the church for me. 

Originally from Haiti, Shadrach has spent the bulk of his time in Woburn and Boston. In addition to working on his undergraduate degree in Political Science at UMass Boston, he also works at The Fields Corner Business Lab in Dorchester.