Stories of Loving Our Neighbors: Part 2

Recently, CTK pastors spoke of how encouraged they were to see the people in their congregations loving their neighbors. This is the second in a series of stories from various congregations, meant to encourage our church about what God is doing in our city. 

My name is Malcolm, and I am a junior at Boston College High School. Christ the King Dorchester has completely transformed my faith in just the short year I have attended. When I was a freshman, my faith had stalled, and my relationship with God did not seem important in my life. I viewed going to church as a duty, and the services consisted of me counting down the minutes until I could go home. A similar approach was taken to the BC High all-school masses.

One day, Pastor Daniel came to preach at BC High. I remember clearly as the sermon began with him saying that they wanted him to preach for 20 minutes, which he said he would “work with,” implying that he would be going over that time limit. I was not happy to hear this, as I was struggling to stay awake. And then he started to preach. And I started to listen. It was unlike any style of preaching I had heard before. He was so full of energy and so engaging. I could tell how excited he was to preach, and how much it meant to him. He provided real world examples and made his message clear. I was completely enthralled and captivated, and I began to realize what I was missing in life.

As powerful as that service was, I went home that day, and went back to my daily life. It wasn’t until over a year later when I thought about that service again. I was once again frustrated by my faith and home church, whose services felt dull and lifeless. They lacked the energy and connection I sought, and seemed to focus more on rituals than the real message. My family felt similarly, and somehow my dad tracked down Pastor Daniel and his church. My first service at Christ the King was nothing short of life-changing. The music, the style of worship, the friendly people, the sermon- everything felt right. I was completely moved emotionally, as it once again hit me that this was what I was seeking and missing in my life.

What I have come to find is that Christ the King is so much more than their unbelievable services. From the very minute I walked into the church I felt welcomed. I have made connections with the people of the church that will last a lifetime I am sure. My family and I are very close to the whole Rogers’ family, and I am proud to call Levi, Sam, and Luke some of my best friends. I met Will, who played golf at Elon University, and has helped me a ton with my own game. I met Sam and Ashley, who taught Sunday School and made the material very fun and informative. I met the Chengs, and Laura Cheng tutored me for the ACTs, which I will be taking in February.

Having met these people and made these connections, in addition to the contemporary and engaging style of worship, I began looking forward to going to church more and more each week. CTK is so much more than a church; we are a family of believers who are overjoyed to celebrate God’s Word, love each other, and most importantly are proud to be Christians. We’re not perfect. We’re broken. But that’s OK. We don’t worry about the aesthetics of the church building, or having an exotic chalice. We worry about what matters: that Christ is King!