CTK's Newest Congregation Holds First Service on Palm Sunday

The newest CTK congregation, Boston North, had their first worship service on Palm Sunday at the Americal Civic Center in Wakefield.


Pastor Sean Sawyers was very encouraged at the turnout. Adults, children and volunteers easily exceeded 50 people, including the church planting families, as well as a few visitors. The worship leaders planned the service to fit well with the culture of our community, and volunteers from Cambridge and Boston North planned children's activities that ran smoothly. Everybody hung around after the service for refreshments and fellowship, and no one seem to particularly anxious to leave. The families are all very encouraged at what’s going on and looking forward to more regular services in the summer!

Please pray for this new congregation, as well as the many Holy Week gatherings around the city this week, that CTK/Grace congregations would reach their neighbors with the hope and joy of the gospel.