Fourth Fridays—Warm Fellowship on Winter Nights

Copy of Fourth Fridays for CTK Stories.jpg

Fourth Fridays was recently reinstated as a sequel to Second Saturdays – as some of you may remember existed in the not so distant past. Friday January 25th marked the first Fourth Friday of the new year, and a group of CTKers met at John Harvard’s brewery in the heart of Harvard Square to catch-up, relax, and make new friends while enjoying a few local craft beers and some tasty chicken wings and truffle fries. Besides the usual attendees, we were joined by several newcomers this time. We welcomed a couple –mom and dad of five – who recently moved from Connecticut to Cambridge and are already plugged in at CTK, and a therapist who is a member at another church in Boston and expressed an interest of meeting other Christians in the city. As intended, Fourth Fridays provides the opportunity to connect with other CTKers and Christians in a very informal and relaxing way. Since we meet right after working hours on a Friday, the bar is intentionally set very low to invite colleagues and friends, who may or may not have had drinks with Christians before.

So, mark your calendars for the upcoming Fourth Friday on February 22, and see you all at John Harvard’s!