Finding Community and Connection Away From Home


After a job change required Greg to move to Boston without his family, he was feeling isolated and in need of encouragement. His home pastor recommended CTK and he has begun attending Boston North Sunday services and mid-week community group. Greg reflects:

“At my first service, I felt an immediate connection to the preaching: "Christ is a rescuer of orphans and rebels". The people also looked out for me, an orphan, a rebel, offering medical recommendations, providing places to store stuff for a weekend, or just asking me questions about my week.  I’ve had brief conversations across a lunch table, and then the next time I’ve seen that person, who is also a newcomer, they’ve told me they've prayed for me. I have grown through Bible studies where people are working out, together, what an unconditional, unlose-able grace means for how they will live out their lives this week. It has been a blessing.”