Jump In!

The majority of CTK/Grace members have been “new to town” at some point. Boston is a transitory place and as we say goodbye to some and welcome others each year, it is encouraging to hear from those who have moved here and jumped right in to serve the church. Here is a reflection from the Hummels who recently joined Grace South Shore.

We’re Brad and Christy Hummel. We moved from our home in Louisville, KY to Plymouth a little less than a year ago after our youngest child, Caleb, graduated from high school and moved off to college. We have two older daughters, Bailey and McKinzie, who are off at college, as well as a new son-in-law, Mike. We came to Massachusetts because of Brad’s job with Johnson & Johnson. This is our first time ever living in New England and we’re enjoying all of the new experiences, such as visits to Boston and the Freedom Trail, the chance to see the ocean and enjoy beaches, lobster rolls, maple syrup making, and a trip into Vermont for some skiing over the holidays.  


We’ve lived our lives moving frequently, as both of us were military children, then continued to move with the military after we graduated from Covenant College. Later, after Brad got out of the Army we continued to move frequently with his work. We enjoy seeing new places, making new friends, and helping out however possible with each church family.    Whenever we move we start by researching PCA churches on the PCA website. From there, we listen to online sermons and try to find locations that are near work or where we hope to live. This is how the Lord led us to Grace Pres. South Shore in Hanover.

We have been members of a church plant in the past, as well larger established congregations. With each church that we go to, regardless of size, we try to jump in right away and look for opportunities to build relationships with the other members in the church, as well as seeking opportunities to serve. At Grace Pres. South Shore we’ve enjoyed being able to get involved right away in a community group, helping with teaching Sunday school, fellowship meals, and just being able to pitch in as needed.

Of all our experiences so far in New England, being part of Grace South Shore has been the part that we have loved the most and been most thankful for. The congregation is a warm and caring family, and Troy is a great pastor. Our advice to anyone joining a CTK or Grace congregation is to jump right in. Look for ways to get involved with ministries, serve others, take every opportunity to fellowship with the congregation, and extend hospitality to any other newcomers you encounter at the church. We’d also encourage people to attend the orientation classes and become a member of the church they attend.