Am I Called to Plant A Church?

Am I Called to Plant a Church? This is a question that many of us in CTK have found ourselves asking. Whether we are a pastor who is considering leading a church plant or a member considering being a part of a core group. Church planting has been an integral part of the vision of CTK from the beginning.

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Part of the work of the church planting center is to help future pastors and church leaders to discern if God might be calling them to be personally involved in the planting of a church.

”Am I called to plant a church?” This is the title to an online learning module that the CPC is using this summer in a learning cohort. The six participants in the group are in different stages of determining that answer to this question. Some are fairly convinced that the answer is yes. Others are fairly convinced that the Lord is leading them in different directions. But all of them see the need for church planting and therefore are actively exploring this call.

Before each meeting of the cohort each of us is asked to spend time reading and reflecting on what it means to be called to ministry in general and to church planting. We have considered what skills, heart motivations, aptitude, personality and experiences are shaping us. We have also spend time discussing the marks of healthy churches.

Along the way the group has also been able to interact with various CTK pastors. Matt Owens, who is planting a church in Quincy has been a part of all the cohort meetings. Jason Stryd, leading our ministry to the Albanian diaspora, & Steve Yang, our community chaplain in East Boston, have also joined us for a meeting. These two pastors have helped the group consider new models of church planting that can look quite different. This kind of kingdom innovation is something we hope to impart to the men in the group. In our last meeting we had the opportunity to talk to Rev. Jim Hatch who has been working in church planter development for many years. He provided all of us with great insights.

Am I Called to Plant a Church? If you know someone who is asking this question would you please put them in touch with the CPC? We would love to help more men discern how God might be leading them to be involved in the work of church planting: in Boston, greater New England, or anywhere else.