winter stories

Fourth Fridays—Warm Fellowship on Winter Nights

Fourth Fridays was recently reinstated as a sequel to Second Saturdays – as some of you may remember existed in the not so distant past. Friday January 25th marked the first Fourth Friday of the new year, and a group of CTKers met at John Harvard’s brewery in the heart of Harvard Square to catch-up, relax, and make new friends while enjoying a few local craft beers and some tasty chicken wings and truffle fries.

Artist Fellowship

Artist Fellowship

In the opening chapters of The Mind of the Maker, Dorothy Sayers begins her dense treatise on God and art by writing, “The characteristic common to God and man is apparently [this]: the desire and the ability to make things.” As artists in the church, my husband and I feel the essential creative connection to the God of the Bible, and believe that artist or not, art is an integral part to how Christians understand and worship their creator.

Coffee, Community and Bible Study

The Sermon on the Mount study has been a really wonderful way for me to deeply study Jesus's teachings while building community at CTK. We meet for an hour after work every other week at Tatte to catch up about how we're doing and discuss a section of a guided Sermon on the Mount study. The study itself is impressive - its questions and Scripture references have been a great way for me to structure some of my own devotional time. When our group meets, we usually start with the study's discussion questions and then let the conversation wander to whatever the passages really spoke to us that week.

I just moved to Boston in the fall and am a new member at CTK, so this has been the perfect way to start to get involved. There are just 3 of us in the group, so we've been able to really get to know one another, and I've loved having people to say hello to on Sunday mornings and to invite me to other CTK events. Even though the group meets only one hour twice a month, it has become a valuable part of my time in Boston and with CTK.